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Shadow is a recurring character in the Trevor games and a primary antagonist in Trevor 3. He is a chipmunk mage and one of the few magic users in the series. He sports a red crew cut.

During the events of Trevor 3, he wields a red, double-sided wiffle.


Trevor 2: The Search for Chester Chipmunk

Shadow appears in the cave by the sea after the player has defeated Angler. He informs the player that he has the ability to hide himself away from those he doesn't wish to see him.

Trevor 3: Shadow of The Chipmunk

Shadow is a primary antagonist in the game and one of two final bosses. Initially, the player is led to believe Shadow's plan is to seize control of North Island away from the king. In reality, Shadow seeks out the island's plentiful deposits of bontonite - a type of crystal that was previously used to forge the enchanted amulets.

During the final battle against Shadow, he will use the courage, earth, and wind amulets from Trevor 2 to cast spells against the player. Based on which amulet the player currently has equipped, Shadow's attacks can be blocked: the fire amulet blocks courage, the ice amulet blocks earth, and the lightning amulet blocks wind. Shadow will charge the player but teleport away prior to being within range of the basic wiffle attack. This makes the lightning amulets crucial to the player during this battle. Shadow has 25 HP during this encounter.

After Shadow is defeated, it is revealed that he was merely a pawn being controlled by an amorphous being of evil energy named Paradox. Before Shadow realizes what's happening, Paradox quickly kills him.