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Dr. Angler is a recurring character in the Trevor games and the primary antagonist in Trevor and Trevor 2.

He is described as a "mad scientist" and seems to have access to very advanced technology. This includes the technology used by Bubble Fish to travel on-land.



During the events of the first game, Angler's master plan is to use his flood machine to destroy Rodenttown. Several characters also mention him wanting to enslave the residents. Angler appears as the final boss of the game once the player reaches Rodenttown.

Trevor 2: The Search for Chester Chipmunk

Angler appears as the boss of Angler's Fortress and is the final boss of the game.

Trevor 3: Shadow of The Chipmunk

While not appearing directly in the third game, a post-credits scene shows the savage bears of North Island chanting his name. This not only shows that his influence spread beyond Rodenttown, but hints that he may very well be alive.