Trevor 3: Shadow of The Chipmunk

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Trevor 3: Shadow of The Chipmunk is the third and final game in the Trevor trilogy. It was originally released on June 8, 2001 for Windows and available to download as freeware from the S&F Software site hosted on Zophar's Domain. It is the first Trevor title to use DirectX.


The mysterious chipmunk mage Shadow has traveled to North Island intent to overthrow the island's king and assume control over its peaceful residents. Upon learning this, Trevor, Clyde, and Chester depart for the island to determined Shadow's motivations and stop him at any cost.

Once they reach the island, the player speaks to King Edmundson VIII who informs them that Shadow has used his abilities to create a "sort-of alternate reality" called the Realm. To enter the Realm, the player must not only find the portal that connects the two worlds, but also must acquire the seven realm keys protected by Shadow's followers.


Trevor 3 features seven underground dungeons. Each possesses a unique theme and contains enemies and puzzles related to that theme.

Sky Dungeon

The first dungeon of the game. Here, the player must defeat Hawkeye to acquire the sky key.

Ground Dungeon

Located just outside Shrew City, the Ground Dungeon is the second dungeon of the game. Here, the player must defeat Lunk to acquire the ground key.

Fire Dungeon

The third dungeon of the game. Here, the player must defeat Inferna to acquire the fire key. Acquiring the fire amulet from the "Fire Kid" in Moonlight Junction is required before the player can complete this dungeon.

Ice Dungeon

The fourth dungeon of the game. Here, the player must defeat Lagos to acquire the ice key. The ice gauntlet is required to complete this dungeon.

Water Dungeon

Located in the northwestern corner of North Island, the Water Dungeon is the fifth dungeon of the game. Here, the player must defeat Aquar to acquire the water key. The hydro board is required to complete this dungeon.

Murky Dungeon

The sixth dungeon of the game. Here, the player must defeat Beedor to acquire the Murky key.

Dark Dungeon

Located in the Kantoyo Mountain Range, the Dark Dungeon is the seventh dungeon of the game. Here, the player must defeat Darcon to acquire the dark key.


Unlike previous entries in the series, Trevor 3 contains several above-ground towns. Here, the player can interact with residents and buy items from shopkeepers.

The following towns appear in-game:

Optional Quests

Trevor 3 features a number of unmarked and/or optional objectives that can be discovered through interacting with NPCs and completed by the player:


Many items from previous games such as the wiffle bat and bombs appear in Trevor 3. In addition to a variety of new items such as the hydro board and sacred acorns, three new enchanted amulets also appear.

The game features an elaborate trade item sequence.

See the full list of items appearing in Trevor 3.


On modern hardware, there are numerous hurdles in getting the game to even run along with various issues in-game:

  • On modern Windows operating systems, required dependencies are missing.
    • These include dependency files for VB and DirectX - dx8vb.dll, msvbvm60.dll, etc.
    • If the player tries to start the program executable file, no meaningful errors or messages are given.
  • Translucent graphics are not rendered correctly with DirectDraw - this issue can seemingly be fixed by running the EXE in "Reduced Color Mode" via the compatibility tab in Windows - 16 bit seems to render graphics correctly.
  • MIDI music appears to occasionally play at variable speeds. This seems most common with the overworld theme.