Trevor 2: The Search for Chester Chipmunk

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Trevor 2: The Search for Chester Chipmunk is the second game in the Trevor trilogy. It was released in March 2000 for Windows and available to download as freeware from the S&F Software site.


One day in the northwest part of Rodenttown, Trevor Chipmunk and his young friend Chester were sitting in the sun when all of a sudden a brilliant fuschia beam descended from the skies. In a second, Chester vanished. "This must be the work of Mad Doctor Angler," Trevor said to himself. "Angler! I vow to rescue Chester!" he yelled to the skies, but no trace of anyone could be found. Now Trevor must locate Angler's five dungeons and collect the items to work his way to Angler's Fortress where he believes Chester may very well be. And so it started... - Opening Text


Polyquine's Lair

The first dungeon of the game. The hatchet is required to enter. Polyquine is the dungeon's boss.

Great Tree

The second dungeon of the game - a giant tree that serves as home to renegade squirrels and the dungeon's boss Snakskule. While the Great Tree can be entered at any point in the game, completing the first dungeon is required to pass a dialog check with the renegade blocking the player's path out of the first room.

Serpant Cave

The third dungeon of the game - a snake-themed cave. The unicorn shoes are required to cross the bottomless pits outside the dungeon and enter. A channeler blocks the player's progress in the second room and requires the player have the "a tool for song." Serpant is the dungeon's boss.

Cult Temple

The fourth dungeon of the game - a seemingly-abandoned cult temple. The torch and pry are required in the player's inventory to burn the shrubs blocking the stairway and pry the door open respectively.

Once inside, an unsettled spirit prevents the player from advancing past the first room unless the holy cross is in their inventory. Cult members disguised as monsters appear as enemies. After defeating the dungeon's boss Zaph, the player is awarded the grappling hook and exits the dungeon on a teleportation device leading to Rodenttown.

Angler's Fortress

The final dungeon of the game is Angler's Fortress. It is located one area south of the southwesternmost area on the map and thus does not appear on the map itself. The grappling hook is required to ascend the cliffs outside of Angler's Fortress and enter the dungeon. The game token is required in the player's inventory to defeat an AI-controlled forced field blocking progress.

A primary goal of the dungeon is to destroy statues of various bosses from the game in the order they were faced; if a player attempts to destroy the statues out of order, they will find an energy shield generated by each statues protects subsequent ones. The player must also pass dialog checks with the dark ones convincing them to leave the dungeon. The boss of this dungeon is Angler.


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