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Sacred Acorns are optional items in Trevor 3. They can be found across North Island and raise Trevor's defense.

They must be found in the correct order.

Order and Locations

  • The first acorn is given to the player by Clyde in Monta Monta Town.
  • The second acorn can be purchased from the shop keeper in Otterville. This must be done before acquiring the water key as the town is destroyed afterwards.
  • The third acorn is given to the player by Ein in Cloud Haven
  • The fourth and final acorn is given to the player by Cyfius in West Port.

Game Mechanics

While Clyde tells the player sacred acorns raise their defense, the actual mechanics of the game show otherwise.

When an enemy attacks the player, if the player has any sacred acorns in their inventory, that number is used to calculate the possible maximum value of a randomized number. If the number selected by the randomizer is 1, the enemy's attack is successful; otherwise, the player effectively dodges their attack and no damage is dealt.

However, due to the way the calculation is handled, the odds that the player will actually dodge an attack are very low/impossible unless they have all four acorns: Int(Rnd * (AcornCount / 2)) + 1